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Altaria Clash of Dimensions


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There are many dimensions, alternate universes in which history flows along parallel paths. Dimensional Crystals govern the impassable limits of the multiverse. Control over these Crystals can be gained only by voyaging through space to the floating island Altaria and taking control of three powerful altars. Every world has a hidden portal to Altaria which can be entered only after simultaneous activation in two dimensions...

Our story begins on the world of Harmony, where a research mission has stumbled upon an ancient runic artifact. Initial testing reveals that it is a portal, which, to the surprise of the researchers, has become activated. The world of Harmony appoints a group of heroes to explore the mysterious phenomenon. It is a gateway to Altaria. On the island, the heroes notice a second portal, from which emerge beings from an alternate reality - a world of Chaos, full of cataclysms and a constant struggle for survival. The hostile creatures are the alter egos of the heroes from Harmony, eager to conquer other worlds. They intend to achieve this by destroying the Dimensional Crystals, thereby wiping out the boundaries between dimensions.

The orderly world of Harmony is threatened. To save it, the heroes must destroy the portal of Chaos or deactivate it by gaining control of the three altars of Altaria.

Stand face to face with a powerful opponent. Decide if you want to stand on the side of Chaos and conquer new lands, or to represent Harmony, defending the world against Chaos and struggling to maintain order. The decision is yours ...


Number of players: 2
Playing time: 30-45 minutes
Age: 12+

Designers: Piotr Kubicius & Paweł Siemek



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